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Unsure what's going on beside me nevertheless its not running smoothly.
Used to do sleep a little better throughout the lats evening, i crashed around 2 am and awoke just a little after 9, right before my alarm would set off
I'd set my alarm around 10, cause basically sleep too lengthy, I recieve head aches and this isn't good either.
The main problem is, i am losing my appetite, that has never became of me before, Personally i think sicker than It's my job to do, constant nausea, sometimes the sensation of needing to provide but nothing happening.
Last evening I spend a few hrs within the bathroom because of getting a couple of episodes with violent diarreah(sp?) which wasnt quite enjoyable however i read inside a book that helped me to draw attention away from from this.

After a little rumbling within my tummy plus some cramps I finally crashed at 2 today, didnt awaken up until the time I specified above. Which was pretty ok.
Also no bad dreams this time around, thats also positive thing, cause tbh, i did not even mentnion individuals of history couple of days, mostly cause I didn't remember 1 / 2 of it, however when you awaken each morning, you need to do know whenever you were built with a good dream or perhaps a nightmare.

But because I stated, I truly feel sicker than normal, still feel totally tired, still a lot of discomfort.
I have been eating somewhat more healthy too, been taking in a great deal more vegetables recently (which ofcourse causes me to possess extra discomfort/diarreah) and fewer salty/body fat meals. But ofcoruse, every occasionally I consume a candy, who does not?

Now I am still very anxious, cause personally i think discomfort within my legs cause I am shaking... unsure why, most likely has related to the being unsure of how for instance that married lady will react to me the following day(s), how real existence will build up again or how others influence my days i suppose.
allows say for the time being, today, this moment, I am attempting to be strong and holding myself up, will need to observe how the relaxation during the day goes. But I am wishing it'llb e good, cause I want good quality for something new, I deserve good quality.

Fingers entered



Its a new year and new start so here is my new blog, I will post blog type things here. It will probably be pretty boring and dorky with a nice mix of Libertarian propaganda, posters and pics of my life - friend, family, work, school, etc. The old one became a little outdated and I like the way this one fits with exactly with the design of my website, as well as its simplicity. I'll be adding more content, new shoots, news of exhibitions and shows, promotions as they happen. Please keep posted, thanks for visiting and do come back, share and tweet!